Thursday, April 17, 2008

Typical day

The mystery of who technical writers are and what they do at their workplaces in gradually unveiling. In the last few days I found several posts from writers all over the world describing a typical day at work. Well, although the descriptions are typical, they're by no means similar! See for yourself:
  • A writer's typical day in the USA.

  • A writer's typical day in China.

  • A writer's typical day in the UK.

  • A writer's typical day in Australia.

  • For me, it was fun to get an insight of other writer's workdays, to find evidence of how different a writer's day can be, and to see what other writers can fit into just one day.

    I'll keep updating the list above as I find more posts on this topic (I'm pretty sure there'll be more). Of course, I'll also consider adding my two-pence to this stream. :-)


    Anonymous said...

    Hallo Elena

    It's very interesting, seeing all those "typical day" posts together --- great idea. I'm looking forward to "A typical day in Russia" from you :)

    It's cool to see your blog appear, and thank you for the links to my blog too.

    I've had a look at your profile and guess what --- I'm a Scorpio too :)

    Seeya on the page, Sarah

    Anonymous said...

    BTW, I really like your URL "tech-writer-spot". Clever choice!

    Elena Shebunyaeva said...

    Hi Sarah

    Thanks for your feedback! In fact, I've been a "silent" reader of your blog at wordpress for quite a while. And your blog was one of those that inspired me to launch "Tech writer's spot" at last. :-)

    These days I keep track of my typical activities (I've never realized that they're so diverse!) and hope to come up with a "Russia-specific" update later this week.

    Keep in touch!


    Susan W said...

    Hi Elena,

    Thanks for linking to my post! By the way, NISH was migrated to recently.

    I look forward to "A typical day in Russia" too!

    Also, I highly recommend that you try using WordPress to blog. It's a great blogging tool.