Friday, March 12, 2010

UI guidelines for web applications

I've been looking for an industry standard guide to designing Web interfaces. Here I found a good list of guidelines for designers of user interfaces in various areas (Win, Mac, KDE, Java, AJAX, Flash, etc). Still I found nothing like MSDN guidelines for desktop apps, but intended for Web apps. :-(

What I need is a solid basis for our (upcoming) internal guidelines, that technical writers would use to write and translate texts in web applications. If anyone has ideas, please drop me a line where to look up for this sort of guidelines.

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Boris said...

AFAIK, there is no such a book in Microsoft (I stumbled upon a document I’ve never heard before - - but it seems abandoned (as well as some UI developing frameworks in neighbouring chapters).

I know only one "book" that is close enough to your portrayal: “Sun Web Application Guidelines”

Actually, another form of guidelines is quite popular nowadays. It is UI patterns, a system of short specs that systematizes best UI solutions. They are less formal, existing only in hypertext-format, updating constantly, but are still more usable than “books”, IMHO. The most famed one (and the first in breed) is “Yahoo! Design Pattern Library”.

Plus, several high-level documents describing common principles should be created. Look through this selection by Luke Wroblewski, for instance.

Hope this will help.